The Stoffregen Family

I am so excited to introduce everyone to the Stoffregen family! Eric reached out to me a few months ago to do a family portrait session. The timing was important since the family would be moving. Having one last set of family photos around the neighborhood was a must before the move. So we picked a date and kept our fingers crossed that Mother Nature would cooperate. Thankfully, she did, and minus a little heat, the weather was perfect!

Nathan was on the move all morning long. With all the running around, dancing and playing, I’m still not sure if Nathan realized he was getting his picture taken. He was just having a ball and I chased him around, snapping away.

I doubt there was a happier kid on the planet at this moment.

And then we have sweet Elise. This little girl has a lot of personality. She was such a big help when it came to getting photos of her with her little brother. Elise would help us sing a song and clap along, which always made Nathan giggle.

If you follow our blog, you might be thinking to yourself that these kiddos look familiar. You would be correct! Nathan and Elise participated in our Scare Away Hunger campaign last year. Elise was an adorable pumpkin fairy while Nathan was a pumpkin. I couldn’t believe how much Nathan had grown since I last saw them. Running around, unstoppable. And the hair, oh my goodness, that awesome hair!

We decided to go take some photos on the community playground. It was a place the family had spent a lot of time and they wanted to capture a few moments there. Well, we ended up spending a good hour playing on the playground. And taking pictures was no excuse not to be playing, according to Elise. If I wanted a picture of her going down the slide, I had to promise to go down the slide with her after. The kid drives a hard bargain, but how could I say no?

Nathan was very happy to run up and down the ramp with his water bottle. I must have gotten a dozen photos of him going back and forth. It didn’t take long for Elise to join him.

And no photo session would be complete without a few photos of just Mom and Dad.

Stoffregen Family, thank you so much for letting me spend the morning with you. It is always such a pleasure to have familiar faces back in front of the camera. I wish you all success and safe travels during this new adventure!

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