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Alycat Photo & Video Services offers a wide variety of video options to meet our clients' growing needs. We create simple, high quality video production at a reasonable price. Whether you have a personal video project or need updated content for social media and your website, Alycat has the experience and equipment to help complete the task. Clients can choose to have an on-location shoot or come into our studio.


Along with creating video content, Alycat also offers streaming services, allowing those who cannot attend your conference or meeting in person to still participate. Streaming services are a cost effective way to still get your message out.


Examples of work done by Alycat can be found below. You can also visit our Vimeo page for more content.


Prices will vary based on the scope of the project. We offer a free consultation with any video project to discuss the details and develop a plan. Contact us about your video project today!

Corporate videos and event highlights are a simple, yet powerful way to spread your message across social media and attract new business. This video was shot for a client who wanted to highlight their annual conference.

Conferences are also a great resource for continuing education. For this client, we record all of their presenters and turn those videos into education courses that their members can watch online as part of their continuing education requirements. This is a two-minute clip of what their education course look like.


We also stream meetings and events. Those who register to watch the streaming sessions will have a similar view to this.

Alycat offers on-location shooting, as well as studio and backdrop shooting. This video was recorded in studio and overlaid with field footage that was collected.

Alycat has great partnerships with different media outlets to help supply them with a steady stream of fresh, original content. Interviews and human interest pieces are projects that we work on regularly.

Alycat prides itself on giving back to the community. We enjoy working with non-profits to highlight the incredible work they do.

what clients have to say

“I’ve worked with Alyson since 2009, and I can’t say enough good things about the quality of her work, professionalism and prompt turn-around time. I found Alyson through her volunteer work for the Animal Protection Society of Durham. My employer at the time, Divers Alert Network (DAN) contracted her on a per-project basis to build a library of online educational videos for our members. Alyson also built up our library of photo and video content for use in promotional and marketing materials, and she even helped us design some of the campaigns. She is a true communications professional.

Alyson consistently exceeds our expectations. What really makes her stand out from the rest is that she takes initiative to understand each project in-depth so that she can deliver the product we need. She is a strategic thinker and comes up with ideas on her own to help our projects succeed! From the day we started working with her she immediately became an integral part of our marketing/communications project team. We could not have advanced our online education library as quickly as we did without her.”

-Jaclyn Mackey, Director of Marketing & Advertising, Best Publishing Company
(Former Events Marketing Specialist for Divers Alert Network)

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