Snowbowl 2014


What do you do when there is snow outside and school/work have been canceled? You organize a game of flag football! That’s what our friend Matt did this past week when the Raleigh/Durham area finally got the snow we had been waiting for.

Matt is never one to miss a perfectly good opportunity to get everyone together. It was no surprise when Nathan’s phone rang at 10:30 Wendesday morning, that Matt was on the other end expecting us to make it over to the park for football. And it seemed the NC DOT crews knew of Matt’s plans because every road we need to take to get to the park was clear and ice free. That is a pretty incredible feat considering we have 3 plows in the state (I may be exaggerating that number a little, but you get the point).

Since we don’t get snow often here in NC, I was itching to shoot some fun in the snow action. This was the perfect chance to do that. Here are some of my favorite shots from that afternoon.

Both QB’s were pretty good at dodging “tackles”.

This tiny little tip by the defense turned into a touchdown for the offense.

And the trash talking/celebrating begins.

Is he in or is he out?No lie, that was the exact moment the ball was caught. Nathan is lucky to be alive!There was some serious strategy and play calling going on.Nathan isn’t all baseball all the time. Occasionally, he runs a good route too.This was the play of the game right here!


Even though it was really cold and wet, everyone had a great time. It might have taken us a few hours to thaw out afterwards, but spending the afternoon having fun with friends was so worth it. So the next time the forecast is calling for snow, there really is only one thing you should be preparing for… a thrilling, heart pounding game of flag football.

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