Josie & Cooper

Josie and Cooper are two very sweet pups that were rescued by my friend Christine and her husband, Darren. Recently, we had a conversation about how Josie, the bigger dog, hates having her picture take and runs away whenever the camera is brought out. Which means, they have very few good pictures of Josie. Of course, Josie has never posed in front of my camera before! So it was decided that at some point, when things calmed down and the weather got nice, we would have a family photo session.

Well, last week, Christine was feeling a little under the weather and had to go to the hospital. People were bringing in photos of her family and get well posters. The room looked great, but it was missing something important: photos of her “kids”. For Christine, Josie and Cooper are her children, and unfortunately, pets are not permitted to visit the hospital when a patient has a limited visitation list. So we jumped into action to capture some fun moments for her to enjoy while she is away.

With Darren’s help, we were able to spend some time with the pups this weekend. And boy, were they ready to play! Josie spent a good 15 minutes chasing Cooper around the yard. As much as Josie tried, she couldn’t keep up with little Cooper.

Belly rubs are just the best! Even with a camera in her face, Josie couldn’t help but smile.

Cooper is such a fun little guy. He loved to pose for me,  with his best GQ model face.

“Wait, you mean to tell me that we’re taking more pictures??”


“OK, one more.”

Christine, we love you and hope these photos bring you joy and happiness. So here’s to a speedy recovery my friend! I know we aren’t the only ones eager to have you home again.

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