The Thompson Family

Oh my goodness, the Thompson family is on the blog today! I have been lucky enough to have the Thompson family in front of my camera five times now! It is so much fun photographing their kids as they get bigger. Even though I’ve had five sessions with the Thompson family, this will be their first time on the blog! So I am excited to introduce you all to this sweet family!

All week the weather was sunny and warm (by December standards) until the day of our shoot when it got cold and rainy. Postpone the shoot? Lucy and Asher would have none of it! We found a break in the rain and headed outside to play.

I love these kids. Seriously, if I could steal them, I would! I remember when Lucy was born. Then Asher. Now, they are becoming such cool little people with these great personalities! It’s so much fun to capture!

Asher really hammed it up for the camera! I’m glad we were able to do this year’s photos without the toothpaste bottle that he was unwilling to part with last year.

Not quite sure how Jess ended up on the downside of the hill…

What a cute family.

And just when you think it can’t get any cuter, Lucy, completely on her own, decides to put her arm around her mom. Awww!!!!

It is adorable how much these two love each other.

Thompson family, as always, it was a pleasure and an honor to take your family photos. The kids braved the weather like champs, and I think we captured some great Lucy and Asher moments! We can’t wait to have you all back in front of the camera again!

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