The Marlatt Family

Oh my goodness! If you are in need of an ‘aww’ or ‘adorable’ moment today, look no further than the Marlatt Family. It’s hard to cram this much cuteness into a blog post, but somehow we did it.

I had the opportunity to work with Whitney and Sara as they prepared for and then welcomed their first child, Everett. We met up back at the end of May for a quick maternity shoot in Chapel Hill. It was a beautiful summer evening with this heavenly golden glow filling the field where we were shooting. I’m pretty sure that Sara had as much to do with it as the sun. She was a stunning mother-to-be.

So much love and excitement for Baby Everett!

Whitney getting in his practice reading to the baby.

Whitney and Sara are big outdoors people. Like most outdoorsy people, Chacos are a staple. Baby Everett already has his first pair.

Not too long after, Baby Everett arrived. What a cutie!

I call this the “what are you doing” look.

Oh, big yawn… Being a model is hard work!

If you have never heard a newborn sneeze, it’s adorable!

Reading time!

This is probably one of my favorite photos. Everett is just hanging out with this “just let me know when you’re done” look. I giggle a little every time I see this picture.

The Chacos may be a little big right now, but I have a feeling he’ll grow into them pretty quickly.

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