The Katz & Thompson Families!

I love the Thompson family! If you have followed the blog at all, you have seen their smiling faces. It has been wonderful to capture the kids as they grow up. Gosh, it seems like yesterday that Lucy was born. Now look at how much of a little lady she is turning into!

I normally do a shoot with the Thompson family in November, but since I was going to be in Australia for the entire month, it didn’t look like it would happen. Then I got a message from Andrew. The other half of the family was in town visiting and the grandparents wanted a photo session with the entire family. I would have the entire Katz clan in front of my camera before I would leave? Yay!

Madeline, Asher and Lucy all together in one photo and all looking at me at the same! There may have been some silly faces and dancing involved, but who cares? Success!

I love this photo so so so much! Having a little brother myself, it makes me think about the special bond that we and all big sisters and little brothers share. It’s an incredible relationship to be a part of!

Matching cousins!

Just about every gallery including the Thompson family has a photo of one of their kids hanging upside down.

This was the first time I had met Madeline and her parents. They were so adorable! And Madeline really knew how to ham it up for the camera.

Because having two cute kids just wasn’t enough, the Thompson family are gracing the world with a third cutie. The due date is the end of April. I told Jess that April 25th is a great day (OK, that is my birthday). As you can tell, the kids are very excited!

What a smile. The girls are going to be all over this kid in a few years!

I had such a great time with the entire Katz/Thompson family! And if you enjoyed their blog post as much as me, you probably won’t be waiting too long to see them on here again. I’m thinking May?

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