Alyi & Charlie Get Married!

This past August, my family traveled to Hawaii for Alyi and Charlie’s wedding. If you read my blog post from their engagement session, you know how special Alyi and her family are to me. They are my extended family. So when Alyi and Charlie invited us to their wedding, of course we said yes!

Wanting us to enjoy vacation and not “work”, Alyi and Charlie hired a Hawaiian photographer to capture their ceremony and take them around the island to special locations for family photos. It was incredibly thoughtful of them, and Nathan and I enjoyed being guests at their wedding. Since the photographer was only covering a portion of the day, I offered to take some photos of Alyi getting ready as well as the family dinner afterwards.

Most of my childhood was spent growing up next door to Alyi and Gina. They pretty much are the sisters I never had.

Our stunning bride!

The family dinner was held at the beautiful Plantation Gardens Restaurant just off Poipu Beach On Kauai.

Ladies, just so you know, this photo model/shot subject tester is taken!

Alyi is a goofy gal! It’s one of her many fantastic qualities. I love that Charlie truly appreciates it and often times encourages it.

Can I just say how stinkin cute this family is! I can barely handle it!

This was the first time Gina and her family had been in front of my camera. If I have my way, there will be many more photos of the Wagner family on here in the future.

Nicholas was my assistant that night. I didn’t see all the photos he took (he took a lot!), but I’m sure they were all fabulous

Alyi and Charlie purchased a Polaroid instant camera and asked all the guest to take a funny photo. The plan was to turn the photos into a collage. Before the cake was cut, the photos were laid out for everyone to enjoy.

My parents with Alyi’s parents, the Bartolomeos. I love them!

Alyi and Charlie, what an incredible week! Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of it. We love you both and wish you many years of happiness!

Of course, any time you guys want to go back to Hawaii, just let us know! We’ll be there!

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