Henry Laurence Blood

Say hello to Henry Laurence Blood! Is he not just the most adorable little guy?! We had been patiently awaiting Henry’s arrival ever since his parents, Allison and Matt, told us they were having a baby. They approached us a few months ago about doing baby photos as soon as Henry was born so they would be able to share them with family and friends during the holidays. It was going to be close. Allison’s due date was mid December, right in the middle of the holiday rush. Henry must have really wanted to get his photo taken, however, because he arrived several days early.

Hello Henry!

The shoot started off with quite a bit of crying. But as soon as Allison took Henry’s hand, he stopped crying and this little smile came across his face. It was a precious moment!

Henry is a natural in front of the camera. Once he had some lunch, Henry calmed right down and got to work with his best looks. He stared at me with those big blue eyes and made these funny faces for the camera.

I think it’s safe to say that an ornament with Henry on it with be on the tree next year.

If you follow our blog regularly, you know that we are animal lovers. I have always believed that dogs have a special bond with children. I see it with our dog, Cecelia, and our friends’ kids. It became clear during the shoot that Allison and Matt’s dog, Dabeaux, has developed that bond with little Henry as well. At one point, Dabeaux reached up on the table so he could see Henry and make sure he was OK. It was so adorable!

Spreading a little holiday cheer in his cute Christmas outfit!

While Henry was getting changed into his next outfit, we took a few photos of Dabeaux and Mardi. After all, they are part of the family! These two are no strangers to our cameras. We’ve captured some great shots of them over the years.

Allison just has this beautiful motherly glow to her.

Matt and my husband, Nathan, became friends while working together at Baseball America.  For them, baseball is a way of life! So you can imagine how excited Matt was when we saw little Henry grabbing for the baseball they put next to him.

Allison and Matt, thank you so much for allowing us to take Henry’s first photos. He is adorable, and we could not be more excited for you. We love you guys!

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