Meet the Staff of the APS of Durham

If you follow Alycat at all, you know how passionate we are about animal welfare, especially the incredible work being done by the Animal Protection Society of Durham (APS of Durham). It is an organization near and dear to our hearts since four of our “kids” were adopted through them.

Nathan and I have been volunteering for almost nine years as dog walkers, photographers and foster parents. The fact that it has been nine years just blows my mind. Over that time, we have built wonderful relationships with the staff, fellow volunteers and the animals. When our girl, Cecelia, went missing from her pet sitter several years ago, a small shelter army had already begun the search by the time we made it home. To say that I love these folks is an understatement!

I recently did a shoot at the APS of Durham offices. It featured staff along with several of the animals they have helped. The purpose of the shoot was to give the APS photos of the staff and animals to use in promotional materials. Of course I jumped right in when they asked if I could do it.

What I love most is how much the animals love and appreciate the staff. So many have this misconception that shelters are bad and if an animal goes there, it will die and no one cares. I am here to tell you that is so far from the truth! The staff and volunteers care so much for each of these animals. They are fed, walked and socialized every day. For many of these animals, this is the first gentle hand they have ever known, and they are eager to return the love.

You will see several “kisses” throughout this post.

The APS of Durham cares for more than just cats and dogs. Rabbits, horses, fish and, yes, even snakes make their way to the shelter in hopes of finding a forever home.

Seriously, could this pup be any happier about snuggling with Shafonda, the Executive Manager of the APS of Durham?

More kisses!

On occasion, the staff even act as human jungle gyms for kittens.

If you are considering making an animal addition to your family, I ask you to please consider adopting. Visit your local shelters. Contact rescue groups. There is no better feeling in the world for the staff and volunteers than seeing an animal that has been so loved find the perfect home.

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