The Gordon Family Welcomes Baby Aaron!

Oh my goodness! I just can’t get over how adorable and fun the Gordon Family is. I was lucky enough to do two shoots with this awesome family in the last month. The first was a family/maternity shoot at their home shortly before they would be welcoming baby No. 3 into the world. It was great to hang out with them, play with some toys and capture a few funny faces.

The children kept making funny faces at me. So I told them if we could get a few nice photos, we could take a couple fun ones too. Their one son was so excited. But when I said “OK, make your best funny face,” he just smiled at me. It made me laugh so hard. But don’t worry, he came up with some fabulous faces later in the shoot…

… like these gems!

Both boys were very excited about the arrival of their little baby brother.

So much love!

I joined up with the family again two weeks later. Baby Aaron must have really enjoyed the first shoot. He arrived two days later, weeks before his scheduled due date. In fact, we took these photos of him on the day he was scheduled for delivery.

Sweet dreams!

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Follow Along On the adventure...


Follow Along On the adventure...