Elle & Brooklyn

These beautiful young ladies are Elle and Brooklyn. They are cousins and best friends. Unfortunately, one lives in North Carolina and the other lives in Georgia. So when their families do get together, it’s pretty special.

It was agreed that when they got together again, they would get photos of the girls together. So a few weeks ago, I hung out with the Ledford and Gunnells families at Duke Gardens and snapped away. Here are some of the great photos we got that day.

Are they not just adorable together?

Adam and I used to work together. We would occasionally talk “shop” and share photos, even more so after Adam found out he was going to be a dad.  There were many discussions about what camera to buy, what specs were important, etc. Adam knows his stuff and is pretty good with a camera.

As a photographer, it’s truly an honor to be asked by someone who knows photography to be their photographer. So when Adam approached me about doing some family photos, I was beyond excited!


Doesn’t this photo just make you want to give your mom a hug and kiss? Go ahead, we’ll wait!

At one point, Brooklyn kept asking her dad, JJ, to tickle her. She would just laugh and laugh. It was a super cute father/daughter moment.

I LOVE this photo! We were having a hard time getting the girls to sit together and smile for a photo. So we let them do their thing while I followed behind snapping away.  Then this moment started to develop. Both girls were given a cookie and sat down on the bridge. I got down on the ground just as Elle handed Brooklyn part of her second cookie. I mean really, could you ask for anything more adorable?

Elle was more than happy to share her cookie with Brooklyn, but dad needed to get his own.

I had such a fun time hanging out with Elle, Brooklyn and their families! While the girls weren’t too interested in posing together for photos, they had a lot of fun playing together, and sometimes, those make the best pictures!

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