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Photography gives us the opportunity to capture those fleeting moments forever. Which is why it is such an important investment.

You need to choose the right photographer, style and budget that fits your needs. I would love to meet with you to discuss your vision and determine if I am that right photographer for you. If not, I have a great referral network of talented photographers who may be just the person you are looking for.

My name is Alyson Boyer Rode. I am the owner of Alycat Photo & Video Services, a multimedia company based in Durham, North Carolina.

I truly enjoy all aspects of photography and media, and use these tools in my life daily. No matter the adventure, a camera is always by my side.

I happily married and the proud parent of seven rescued “kids”: Reggie and Pollux, our dogs; Desmond & Penny, our mini rex bunnies; Shelby & Rockstar, our eastern box turtles; and Maddie, our African hedgehog.

I am passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. Please visit Alycat's Making A Difference page to hear more about the these awesome organizations. If you are into traveling as much as I am, I invite you to visit Alycat’s Walkabout, my travel blog.


Every photo I take is dedicated to my beautiful friend, Andrea. She taught me to do everything in life, including photography, with unwavering love and passion. It was her friendship and support that has helped push me to where I am today.


"Alyson was amazing to work with. Sometimes posing and taking “love” photos can be a little awkward but Alyson has a special way of getting people out of their shell. The resulting pictures captured our personalities so well. We couldn’t be happier!"

- Alyi McGlynn



Clients Include:

Divers Alert Network

Major league Baseball



Sports Illustrated

Stanford University

Town of Cary

USA Football

Vs. Cancer

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what clients have to say

"Alyson beautifully captured precious moments of me and my dog after I found out she had cancer. I will treasure them forever!"

- Robyn Bossom

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