The APS of Durham’s World Rabies Day Event

Last Thursday, The Animal Protection Society of Durham (APS of Durham) partnered with the Durham County Sheriff’s Department to host a rabies vaccine and free microchipping clinic for World Rabies Day. This was a special event for the staff and volunteers at the APS of Durham. It was in honor of our dear friend and animal lover, Christine Danko, who passed away earlier this month.

Christine was on the board for the APS of Durham as well as the head of the Education Department. She was passionate about educating the public on spay/neuter and the positives of adoption. She also strongly believed in making sure every pet was microchipped and tagged so that they could be returned to their families.  We couldn’t think of a better way to honor her spirit and life’s work.

When the clinic opened at 10 am, there was already a line of people waiting with their pets. To say I was a little overcome with emotion would be an understatement.

As each animal came through, they were given a stylish new collar and identification tags. Volunteers would measure out the collars to make sure they fit, then attach the new ID and microchipping tags.

By the end of our first session, 27 pets had been microchipped, including a few cats.

Friends and coworkers of Christine volunteered through out the day, helping to fill out paperwork and create the identification tags.

Everyone left with new bling!

This is Matt, an APS of Durham staff member. He is awesome! In fact, the entire staff is awesome! They are so dedicated to the work they are doing. Every day, they are working with these animals, showing them love and compassion, something many of these animals have never felt before.

The staff is a big part of the reason why my husband and I are so passionate about the APS of Durham. They truly are changing lives!

In order to get the free microchip, animals needed to be vaccinated for rabies first. As part of the partnership that day with the Durham County Sheriff’s Department, pet owners could receive a low cost rabies shot at the event or simply show proof that their pets were already vaccinated.

If your pet is in need of a rabies vaccination, you can stop by the Durham County Sheriff’s Department’s Animal Control building every Tuesday and Thursday to receive the low cost vaccine.

What a day! By the end of the event, dozens of pets had been vaccinated, microchipped and given new identification tags. One woman came back three times to make sure all of her pets were vaccinated and tagged. It was amazing!

As I drove home, I felt this calm and happiness come over me. This day was all about Christine, the first of many to honor her tireless efforts to make sure that no animal is ever left behind. I am so honored to have known her and to volunteer with an organization that allows me to work with people like her every day.

Christine’s family and the APS of Durham have created the Christine Danko Fund to continue her work. If you are interested in donating, I invite you to visit the APS of Durham donation page.

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