Sandi & Family

It is with pleasure that I introduce you all to Annette, her husband Craig, and their dog Sandi. I have known Annette for several years now. She is always so wonderful and happy. That’s why I was thrilled when she called my about doing a family session for Craig’s birthday. They had recently had photos done with some extended family, but Craig really wanted some nice photos with Sandi. As you guys know, we love animals! We are always excited to included furry friends/kids in family pictures.

This is Sandi, isn’t she beautiful! Sandi has such a great personality and was such a pleasure to work with. Working with animals can be very difficult sometimes. Sandi made it easy for us! She loved being in front of the camera.

Of course, she had to investigate the camera first.

Annette and Craig have a stunning home and yard! It’s not uncommon for photographers to spend several minutes trying to figure out where would be a good place to take photos. Here, there were so many excellent spots, it was hard to pick!

Sandi is a kisser! If you are close enough to her and she has the ability to lean in, she will!

Are they not just lovely together?

Of Course, Sandi had to model a little for us. She just hammed it up for the camera!

I love love love this photo! Can Sandi really be any happier at this moment?

And we wrapped up the shoot with Sandi showing me some of her favorite tricks. The ones involving “cookies” were her favorite.

I had such a great time with Annette, Craig and Sandi. They are  such a wonderful family! As an animal lover, watching Sandi with her humans and seeing how much they all love each other just warms my heart! Not to mention, Sandi is such a star in front of the camera. Any time I need a dog model, I know who I am calling! Sandi is first on the list.

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Follow Along On the adventure...


Follow Along On the adventure...