Atlanta Roadtrip 2013

Well, the 2013 spring season has certainly started off busy! We’ve seen some great baseball and began working on two major video projects for two incredible organizations. When I decided to take on Alycat full time, I wondered if I would have a hard time filling my days. That has not been the case, and I am so grateful for that!

Each spring, I tag along on a few road trips with Nathan and his Baseball America co-worker, Conor Glassey, to cover some of the best high school and college baseball in the country. I always look forward to our trips, and this spring has been no different. When Nathan and Conor began mapping out a trip to Atlanta to see ranked high school rivals Grayson and Loganville play each other, I was in. Not too long after, another client asked if I could do a video shoot for them in Atlanta the same week. So the little two-day road trip was now a week-long adventure.

Austin Meadows, Grayson High School

After loading up the car with half of the gear I own, I made my way to Marietta, Ga. I spent the next five days filming a medical training conference, which we’ll be turning into an online education series. Once I wrapped on the filming, I made my way to Loganville, a small town on the other side of Atlanta, for the Grayson/Loganville matchup. Each school has a highly touted prospect for this year’s Major League draft: Austin Meadows at Grayson and Clint Frazier at Loganville. Both are outfielders and both are very talented. This added to the rivalry and the players’ and schools’ rankings made this one of the biggest high school games in the country this season.

Clint Frazier, Loganville High School

Once Nathan and Conor arrived, it was off to Parkview High School to catch up with head coach Chan Brown and tour the facilities. If you saw my photo gallery from the 2012 National High School Invitational, Parkview should sound familiar. They were also Baseball America’s 2012 High School National Champions. Pictured below is Parkview’s baseball field. Wow, it is impressive!

Parkview High School’s baseball field


Parkview’s Josh Hart stands in front to the of the field house awards wall.

Parkview High School’s baseball field


Nathan stands next to the Parkview Championship board which has a copy of the article he wrote declaring Parkview the 2012 national champions

Finally, it was time to head to Loganville High School’s baseball field. It was the matchup we (along with the entire town of Loganville and every MLB team) had been waiting for. Clint Frazier had warned me ahead of time that the place would be packed with very enthusiastic fans. Even with that warning, I was still overwhelmed with the incredible mass of humanity that came out for the game: 1,300+ fans from both school and around 60 to 70 scouts, crosscheckers and general managers.


The game turned into the Clint Frazier show (check out our video!). It was apparent that Frazier enjoyed being in the spotlight and thrived off of the crowd. He finished the game with two monster home runs (not counting the 23 he hit during batting practice!) and five RBIs.





Words really can’t begin to describe how incredible this game was. The atmosphere and level of play were just out of this world! Nathan said he could spend the next 20 years going to games and not experience another like that again. It was a game that left us speechless, but it was a trip we will not be able to stop talking about for a long time.

Nathan interviews Loganville’s Clint Frazier

There are rumors of another road trip in the near future. If it is anywhere as exciting as our trip to Atlanta was, I’ll go pack my bags now.

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